Our team

Siim Soplepmann
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Siim has spent more than eight years working on various technology projects. Before joining Diotech, he was a business development manager for an ultra capacitator development company.

Siim earned his Bachelor’s degree from Macalaster College in the US, and from the University of Barcelona. In addition, Siim is currently finalizing his MBA at the Tallinn University of Technology.

Mart Moora
Co-founder & Chief Development Officer

Prior to joining Diotech, Mart worked as an R&D consultant. His biggest projects have been related to energy and industrial lighting.

Mart earned his Bachelor’s from Towson University in the US, and from Cambridge University in the UK. Mart also has a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Tartu.

Janek Kirss
Project Manager, Diotech OÜ

Janek has more than 10 years of experience in constructing and maintaining electrical systems.

Most of Janek’s prior work has been related to managing electrical construction works.

Janek holds a B competence level certificate. Also, Janek is certified to implement solar plant installation projects.

Mikk Helleste
CEO, Diotech Nord OÜ

Prior to joining Diotech, Mikk worked as a product manager in one of the Estonia’s largest energy companies.. His largest projects have been related to lightning. For many years, Mikk has also worked in the manufacturing industry, for example while managing large steel construction projects for Scandinavian customers.

Mikk acquired  his Master’s degree in the field of product development and manufacturing from Tallinn University of Technology.

His main tasks in Diotech are related to Sales and Customer Management in Northern Estonia.

Tõnu Biedermann
Project Manager, Diotech OÜ

Tõnu has more than 17 years of experience in both managing and implementing electrical construction and maintenance projects. Prior to joining Diotech, Tõnu was working as a dispatcher for a large Distribution System Operator.

Tõnu holds an A-grade competence certificate. He has graduated from the Estonian University of Life Sciences with a degree in Energy Utilization. Tõnu’s key roles in Diotech are related to budgetting and managing electrical construction projects as well as implementing running inspections for electrical installations.

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