Diotech and Päikeseratas (SolarWheel) started to offer solar stations a service

While starting to offer solar stations as a service, Diotech in cooperation to SolarWheel enable customers to start green electricity generation from solar plants without initial investment costs. To order the service, one simply needs to provide a property suitable for installing the solar plant. After signing the 7 to 10 year service contract, Diotech installs the solar plant to the customer’s property with our own cost.

The objective is to open up the potential in solar energy production to any interested property owner regardless of whether there is enough capital and / or technical expertise for initial investment.

The projecting and construction of the solar plant will be performed in cooperation to Solar Wheel (, who has long-term experience in constructing solar plants to various customers. Once the service contract is matured, the customer can take ownership of the solar plan without additional capital costs, since the necessary finances are generated as a result of electricity production by the solar plant (while the servicing period is an average of 10 years, the lifetime of a solar plant is more than 20 years).

In case of thorough planning, solar plants can offer both financially and environmentally viable alterantives to traditional means of electricity generation. Diotech in cooperation to Solar Wheel has indeed thoroughly planned all the necessary details.



Motion-based street lighting management: Diotech´s pilot project in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) and Tallinn Municipal Engineering Services Department was successfully concluded.


With the help of Enterprise Estonia, Diotech invests more than 800 000 EUR into developing innovative products and services