With the help of Enterprise Estonia, Diotech invests more than 800 000 EUR into developing innovative products and services

We are glad to announce that Diotech OÜ has been accepted into the Enterprise Development Programme operated by Enterprise Estonia.

After completing a comprehensive planning cycle, Diotech has adopted a Growth Plan which in its first stage foresees investments worth ca 801 000 EUR. The total investment budget includes ca 360 000 EUR worth of grant financing contributed by Enterprise Estonia.

The first stage of the Growth Plan is implemented between August 2019 and January 2021. The Plan focuses both on expanding Diotech’s business operations in export markets, and extending its current service portfolio. Also, Diotech will hire key experts in the fields of electrical engineering, lighting and product development.

Diotech’s mission is to reduce excess consumption of electricity, and to enhance the adoption of renewable energy solutions. While planning for technical solutions, we aspire to simultaneously fulfil the criteria of economic as well as environmental feasibility. Diotech primarily serves its mission via complete life cycle services focused at lighting, energy and resource savings.

As a result of attracting grant financing from Enterprise Estonia, Diotech has taken a critical next step towards meeting our mission at its full extent. Stay tuned for more news related to implementing the Growth Plan, and its development activities.

More information:

Mart Moora
Diotech OÜ | +372 514 9962


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